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About Us

The world of designers never sleeps. New pieces of jewelry are launched every day and the world discovers more fascinating and breathtaking designs. Despite such a flood of novelties and the most extraordinary works of art, My name is Slavik Svyatoslav, and I have noticed that the big designers and fashion companies let certain things slide.

If you look at a normal eyeglass cleaning cloth, for example. They are usually not very fancy and more oriented to functionality than design. Finally, the name of the company is still printed on it to give at least a little impression of belonging and value. There are so many possibilities to integrate different design elements and to be able to live out corresponding creativity. This is the small detail I want to change. Here I want to differentiate myself from other designers.

I start by presenting the design piece from beginning to end and always try to seize the maximum potential. I implement various ideas and take a closer look at the result. I scrutinize it and look at it from all angles. Only when I’m really convinced and haven’t found any flaws or the like, the prototype is finalized and implemented.

My goal is to convince people that the “Initium Novum” stands for quality, luxury and exclusivity. I want the product to be seen as something special and extraordinary in the closet. The products should be designed and processed with full dedication and attention and the finest care. Basically, buying from “Initium Novum” gives the feeling of outstanding quality and class.